What exactly is Bahyu?  Also known as refined horse oil, Bahyu has been a popular cosmetic ingredient in Japan for centuries. Due to its high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, Bahyu has been known to treat burns, cuts, dry skin and eczema. Since Bahyu’s composition is similar to that of human sebum, it quickly penetrates into the skin and provides moisture—sometimes more effectively than plant based oils. We currently carry a small range of products (hand cream, soap, and moisturizer) for you to try so make sure to check them out!



Cleaning your PC/ laptop has never been this easy and cute! Our PC dusting ball will not only keep your workstation dust free but also serve as a decorative piece when it’s off-duty. Pair that with our Silicone Keyboard Brush that is made from dust attracting rubber and designed perfectly to clean every nook and cranny of your keyboard. To top it all off, we also carry Screen Cleaning Mittens(in Frog, Bunny, Bear and Chick design) that you can use to wipe the screens of your electronic devices safely, effectively, and fashionably.



These specialty cloths are made by infusing binchotan charcoal powder into every fiber of rayon. Famously used in Japan since the Edo period, binchotan is created by burning wood at extremely high temperatures. Because binchotan can absorb chemical substances, kill bacteria and capture moisture and odor, it is an ideal ingredient to sprinkle into these household items for longer, cleaner, and more effective usage.

PLANT Décor‎


Our selection of Shippon, Chuppon and Eggling products are perfect for those who want a little green in their space with minimal maintenance. Our Shippon/Chuppon products come with a self-watering mechanism that’ll provide your plant with the sufficient amount of water daily as long as there’s enough in the cup. Simply plant the seeds, add water and watch it grow! If you want a more challenging option, try cracking open an Eggling, add a little water and place it in a bright room. The Egglings have enough nutrients for the plants to grow for up to 5 months and once it has outgrown its shell, transplant it into a larger pot. These cute plant decors come in a variety of designs and seed options.



Experience the famous rejuvenating and relaxing qualities of bathing at Japanese hot springs by trying one of our many unique bath salts. As one of our featured collections, we currently have an especially wide variety of sample packs so you can easily find your next favorite or try something new. Whether you’re looking for something scented and therapeutic, cooling or warming, or something with spa-like skincare properties, you can find it here. Please note that our featured collections change throughout the year, so be sure to visit soon while this large selection of products is still available!



Make lunchtime fun by using these hard-boiled egg molds that are perfect for bento-style packed meals. We currently carry a variety of shapes—from fish and cars, bears and bunnies, to simple hearts and stars—making it easy to create something special for your child’s lunch this school year. Combine these fun shaped eggs with J Avenue’s bento boxes and tools for a complete Japanese on-the-go dining experience!



The popular Japanese triangular rice balls known as onigiri are now easy to make right at home! Simply add cooked rice and your desired fillings to these plastic molds and press down with the included lid to create a perfect snack or lunch. For a faster, mess-free meal on the go, try placing plastic wrap in the mold before inserting rice to simultaneously form and wrap your onigiri while eliminating the need to wash the mold afterward.

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