Inspired by nature.


                   A heart of service.


                                      The beauty of Japan.


Here at J AVENUE JAPANESE COLLECTIONS, we strive to deliver the very best of Japan. From the white and light-green walls, to the wooden countertops and shelves, we aspire to capture the beauty of Japan and its culture.


Our wide collection includes traditional pieces as well as the newly-inspired. We carry kitchenware items, stationery supplies, cosmetics, character-themed merchandise, and Japanese cultural items.


Convenient, cute, trendy, beautiful…

Come and explore Japanese culture and find your very own “something special.”


At J Avenue, we aim to embody the Japanese virtue of omotenashi— of service beyond service. Our friendly staff members are always ready to assist you in finding your perfect product.


We look forward to providing you with the greatest shopping experience and serving each of you with a warm heart. We hope that you will find JAVENUE JAPANESE COLLECTIONS to be a place of inspiration and new encounters.




色。 自然で心やすらぐ色。 柔らかな陽の光に映える、清々しい白、明るい木目色とライトグリーン。 色とりどりのアイテムが、お客様との出会いを静かに待っている。 心。 日本人が大切にする『おもてなしの心』。 お越しいただいた大切なお客様を温かくお迎えし、 “わたしだけの一品”に出会えるお手伝いをする。 日本の『古き良きもの』と『新しいアイテム』に出会える、 日本のものを愛する全ての人のための場所。 J • AVENUE JAPANESE COLLECTIONS

1160 Kenny Centre Mall, Columbus OH 43220  |  (614) 451-7008  |   Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 11am-6pm